Main Areas of Responsibility:

  • Possess a thorough understanding of the menu and be able to recommend items and answer any questions that Guests may have.
  • Be adept at running the register as well as being comfortable handling cash and credit card transactions
  • Multitask and communicate with two Guests at once. It is a common occurrence to be taking the money and handing out an order at the window, while also having a Guest ordering from the drive-thru speaker
  • Communicate pleasantly and effectively with a Guest without being able to see them.
  • Take orders and answer all questions that a drive-thru Guest may have. It is very important that drive-thru Team Members are able to articulate their answers in a clear and concise manner without face-to-face interaction.
  • The condiment/salad station clean and fully stocked
  • Making sure all orders are accurately boxed and complete before giving to Guest

job description

You are the loud and pleasant voice that our arriving guest will be greeted with upon driving up to the menu. After our guest has been greeted with “Welcome to Hypnotic Chicken!” their journey through the menu starts with you asking one simple question, “Do you have any questions about our menu?” You will be responsible for knowing our menu and describing the dishes in detail as our guest have questions. You will be responsible for walking our guest through the menu experience all while multitasking and ringing the order in simultaneously. After you have completed the order and reviewed it with the customer we will begin cooking their food to order.  You will instruct Guest to pull up to the window, or to park in a spot for us to bring food out to their car.  Then the final steps will be to get the guest’s order promptly packaged and handed to Guest.