Main Areas of Responsibility:

  • Greet before being Greeted
  • Running Hot food to our guest when the ticket is complete
  • Describing the dishes to our guest as they are being presented to them
  • Elevated Service
    o Offering refills/bar orders
    o Table maintenance (trash removal)
    o Offering to go boxes
  • Cleaning/Maintain the main dining area, restrooms & floors
  • Restocking items during the shift on the beverage station as they begin to run low
  • Refilling ice on the beverage station
  • Food Knowledge of every dish
  • Ability to plate every dish
  • Additional task may be required per management

job description

You are key personnel in the overall guest experience. Your primary task will be elevating our guest experience, from properly running food to taking bar orders, always keeping the guest in mind first. You will frequently check the restaurant to see if we can get our guest refills on drink items, take trash away on the tables, offering to-go boxes for customers if they appear to be finished. Finally, ask if they would like anything else that may include some of our homemade Peach “Gobbler” or another drink from the bar. Once our guest has had great food and an even more amazing experience your other task will begin. You are responsible for double checking the restrooms & dining areas for cleanliness, and ensuring all items on the beverage station are restocked and ready for our next guest. You will need to anticipate our guest needs so that we show why we are the best in the overall guest experience.